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Permacolour offers three decorative options for your driveway.

A. Permacolour Colourmix Intergral Colour - is a blend of high grade oxides in water-soluble bags. This product will colour your concrete right through. For new driveways only.

B. Permacolour Colour Hardener - is the perfect colour material to be used in conjunction with Permacolour Texturing Mats and Permacolour Release Agent to produce a beautiful, long lasting, coloured and textured concrete floor. This product should be applied to the surface of newly placed concrete. For new driveways only.

C. Permacolour Decorative Overlay - a concrete resurfacing cement based product that is normally applied at 2-3 mm thick on existing cured concrete surface. For existing driveways only.

D. Permacolour Sealer Colour Tint - a concentrated tint agent designed for tinting Permacolour concrete sealer. This will give a slightly painted glossy look to the concrete. For existing driveways only.

New Driveways
Existing Driveways
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