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Colour Hardener

For beautiful, long-lasting coloured  floors, driveways, paths and patio's apply Permacolour Colour Hardener to newly placed concrete.  This product is suitable for use with Permacolour Texturing Mats and Permacolour Release Agent for textured concrete and equally as effective for flat trowelled concrete surfaces.  Permacolour Colour Hardener is a special blend of sands, cements, oxides and additives that has been formulated to produce a product that is easy to apply and helps harden the concrete surface.

Permacolour Colour Hardener is hand broadcast over freshly poured concrete and worked into the surface using a bullfloat for the first application and trowel after the second coat is applied.  When properly applied and troweled into the surface it forms a coloured concrete surface that is resistant to weathering, wear and normal abrasion.  Permacolour Colour Hardener is very good to use when matching up to coloured concrete that was finished with the same colour weeks prior.

Permacolour Colour Hardener is available in 30 standard colours.  Custom colours and colour matching are also available.

Coloured concrete produced with Permacolour Colour Hardener is the most cost effective way possible as you are only colouring what is seen, not through the whole depth of the concrete that you don't see.  The colour is stronger and also increases the strength of the concrete surface.

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Lay with confidence and style when you become a Permacolour Approved Applicator.  Next Decorative Overlay Course will be advised 2014.
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