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Foam Expansion Joint


Concrete not only moves horizontally with temperature change. It also moves vertically with ground movement. As you can see from these pictures, when touching other concrete surfaces, it tends to chip and crack with shifting temperatures and environment. You can eliminate most of the damage caused this way at a relatively low cost with Foam Expansion Joints.

Foam Expansion Joint is a unique one-piece extruded foam with no laminations or joins. This 100% Polyethylene, continuous closed cell crosslinked foam is non-absorbent and impervious to most liquids and with superior compression and recovery properties, Foam Expansion Joint is vital to ensure a good join.  It has excellent wearability and resistance to ultra light and is highly resistant to temperature, acids, alkalis, oils and solvents.


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Permacolour Flexi Foam External Corners.jpg

External Corners

Permacolour Flexi Foam Against Existing Walls.jpg

Against Existing Walls

Permacolour Flexi Foam Where Two Slabs Butt.jpg

Where Two Slabs Butt

Permacolour recommends you use Foam Expansion Joint for a great finish on your job which will result in highly satisfied customers.