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Low Odour


Seal LO24-399
Permacolour  Seal LO24 is a low odour turps base concrete sealer which is ideal for sealing in areas where you need to  keep the odour down to a minimum; great for around shops, food areas and schools. Ideal on coloured concrete, pavers, ground concrete and stencil imprinted concrete where the surface is open and textured.  It is a slow drying sealer therefore it is very good for  rolling without lap marks.

· Durable
· Easy to apply and maintain
· Gloss wet look finish
· Tintable on request


Packaging: 2L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 200L

3 stars-41

Colour Enhancement: 

3 stars-41

Gloss : 3 stars-41


Stone Sheen

Stone Sheen-90 Stone Sheen is a water-based hard wearing sealer for coloured concrete floors, concrete walls and bench tops. This product provides a durable, urethane finish that protects concrete floors from wear and simplifies maintenance. With excellent chemical resistance Permacolour Stone Sheen is ideal for café, bar, retail, residential and supermarket situations. This product is fast drying, drying within 30-40 minutes in normal conditions and responds to high speed buffing for that highgloss finish.
Suitable for both new and old concrete as well as; stone floors, coloured concrete, asphalt, tile, vinyl rubber and cork. This product is also suitable for  stone floors, polished floors or coloured or plain  concrete and ground or polished floors.


3 stars-41

Colour Enhancement: 

1 star-336

Gloss : 1 star-336



Product-Coming-Soon-image-600x600-352 Permacolour Polyaspartics is the next generation in two component, fast drying, Aliphatic Polyurea. While other Polyaspartics can only be applied between 200 and 260 microns, Permacolour Polyaspartic can be applied in a single coat up to 760 microns. It features good abrasion and chemical resistance, and a cure time of four to six hours. It can be installed in extremely high or low temperatures. It is the ideal product when low odor, fast turnaround and a non-yellowing system are essential.

▪High Gloss & Build
▪4x more abrasion resistant than epoxy
▪Chemically resistant
▪0 VOC
▪Easy mixing ratio (1:1)
▪Solvent FREE
▪Cure at temperatures just about Freezing
▪Food Prep/Kitchens
▪Garage Floors
▪Manufacturing Plants
▪Aisle ways
▪Clean rooms
▪Auto showrooms
▪Veterinary facilities
▪Locker rooms
▪Health Care facilities
▪Loading docks
▪Car wash facilities
Durability : 4 stars-737

Colour Enhancement: 

3 stars-41
Gloss : 4 stars-737


Water Base Epoxy

Product-Coming-Soon-image-600x600-352 A premium quality 2-component water base epoxy concrete sealer/primer that provides epoxy toughness, chemical resistance and durability with the convenience of a water base VOC free system.

▪Easy water clean-up
▪Long pot life
▪Excellent coverage
▪Fast drying (30min to 2hours)
▪Unsurpassed Adhesion
▪VOC Free



3 stars-41

Colour Enhancement: 

3 stars-41
Gloss : 3 stars-41


Water Base Urethane

Product-Coming-Soon-image-600x600-352 A premium high solids 2-component water base urethane provides the equal superior performance to Polyaspartic without any odour, health or environmental issues. Permacolour Waterbased Urethane (WBU) is VOC compliant in California. It gives hard, durable coatings that features good gloss, superior abrasion resistance and UV resistance. Permacolour WBU has been formulated to offer a high performance finish coat for seamless flooring, coating and architectural concrete applications where odour and heath concern are sensitive. Typical areas of application are clean rooms, hospitals, grocery stores, walkways, garage floor, parking structure, aircraft hangers and automotive repair facilities. Satin finish is available.

▪Unsurpassed Adhesion
▪Easy clean-up
▪Long pot life(3hours)
▪Excellent coveragee

Coverage: Approximately 5-6m2 / litre / coat.

4 stars-737

Colour Enhancement: 

4 stars-737
Gloss : 

4 stars-737