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Sealer Accessories

Permacolour has a range of products to reduce the slip resistance of sealers.  These products are very important to use in the correct application as there is a requirement under New Zealand Standards for slip resistance and under Health and Safety Regulations.  All external sealer applications should have one of the products below used with the sealer to create slip resistance.

AS280-CLEAR Permacolour Slip-reducer
This product comes in a 240 gram sachet that is mixed into the sealer and then applied to the concrete surface.  Can not be sprayed, only rolled or broomed on.
Used mainly on concrete surfaces that are flat or slightly sloped. Meets New Zealand Standards for slip resistance

GRIT-GGM Permacolour Glass Grit
Supplied in 2 kg bags or bulk containers on request, this grit is the most common slip-reducer used as it is applied to the consistency that is require on each project.  Normally hand broad-casted onto the first coat of sealer while it is still wet and the second coat helps hold the grit in.  A seed spreader is very good to use to spead the grit as it is easy to master for even application.
Coverage is normally 50 to 60 m2 per bag.

GRIT Permacolour Aluminium Oxide
Supplied in 2 kg bags or bulk on request, this grit is mainly used on dark coloured concrete and is a very hard wear grit that is applied the same as the glass grit above. 
Coverage is 50 to 60 m2 per bag