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Sealer Colour Tint

Permacolour Sealer Booster 
This is a concentrated tinting agent especially designed for tinting Permacolour Concrete Sealer, Permacolour Penetrating Sealer and Permacolour Overlay Sealer.  The booster can be used at a rate of one third of a one litre can per 20 litres to  tint the sealer for sealing  coloured concrete.  This will help even out the colour of the concrete as sometimes coloured concrete can dry out with patchy due to uneven drying.

Adding 1 litre to 1.5 litres of Permacolour Booster to 20 litres of sealer will allow the colouring existing grey concrete or change the colour of an existing concrete surface. Please note; This will give a slightly painted glossy look to the concrete, but the gloss can be toned down with Permacolour Matting Agent.

Sealer Booster Colour Range
Permacolour Sealer Booster is made to match most concrete colourings sold by Permacolour.  Custom colours can be made on request, but there is a minimum amount that must be purchased and a few days lead time. 

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