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Sealing Equipment

One of the most important aspects about sealing concrete is to use the correct equipment that will help ensure the best possible finish required. Each type of sealer has many different methods of application, with many tools available to achieve the best job possible.

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CHAPIN-1449 thumb

Industrial Viton Concrete Funnel Top Sprayer

Spraying is the best way to apply external concrete sealers and Permacolour have imported sprayers that have been manufactured especially this purpose.

BR03 280 Sealer Broom
Easiest way for sealing Permacolour Concrete Sealers.

PAL1 thumb Solvent Roller Sleeve
Alternative method of application for brooming or spraying. Ideal for use with Permacolour Ureglaze and for ease of application in smaller areas.

SPREADER thumb Polish Spreader Complete
Use only for sealing internal stone sheen sealer and stone sheen topcoat.

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