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The high quality iron oxides that Permacolour use do not fade and this is typical with most quality iron oxides. It is years of surface affects such as efflorescence, pollution, dirt and traffic take their toll on the concrete surface giving the appearance of fade. Sealing the concrete will protect the colour from these affects and keep the colour looking good at all times.

Coloured concrete is not produced by using a dye, stain or paint. The concrete is coloured with pigments either mined from the ground, or most often, manufactured from iron particles in huge plants around the world. These pigments are available in powder, liquid and granular forms. No form is better than another. To understand how concrete gets coloured, you need only know that iron oxide pigment particles are ten times smaller in size than a particle of cement. When colour is added to any cement based mix, the smaller pigment particles cover the larger cement particle. This is why colour is dose based on cement content and nothing else.

As these colour-coated particles of cement are worn away you start to see bits of sand and other small non-coloured aggregate in the concrete. Those natural colours will make the colour look faded. Typically a good cleaning and sealing brings back the original colour even after years of neglect and lack of maintenance.

Permacolour has produced products for most coloured concrete applications that you will need to obtain the desired finish and look you require.  With the correct training and basic skills, these products are very simple to apply.

Internal Floors
toby jugg inn microtopping red hot chili and pearl lustre (4)-912

External Floors
Pool Surround Bone and Sandstone Overlay with Light Coffee Colourwash-279

Dairy Fix