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The quality of a work tool shows up with daily, hard use under difficult and gruelling conditions. For that reason, SOLO aimed for uncomplicated use of the machines, outstanding ergonomic handling and robust design. The new SOLO cut-off machines are equipped with features that are innovative and exceptional.

World's first iLube® - Never again worry about the fuel mixture

The patented iLube® translates to "Intelligent Lubrication". The 881-models are lubricated intelligently with a separate system: A separate tank contains 0,32 litre of two-stroke oil. Subject to the engine speed, the oil is added to the fuel by an electronically controlled pump. If the oil tank is empty, the engine automatically switches to a fault mode that reduces the engine speed to just above idling. This is the signal to replenish the oil tank.
Difficult and cumbersome mixing of fuel and oil at the point of operation is no longer necessary and possible fuel mix problems are prevented.

Depending on the way the machine is used, the oil supply is good for up to 20 fuel tank fillings.
Re-fuelling is made easier by the special tank caps - they can be opened without the use of tools and cannot be overtightened.

Starting has never been easier

There is no manual choke to be pulled and no half-throttle button to be pushed. The electronic ignition system controls the carburettor and automatically sets the correct adjustment by measuring the engine temperature.

Depending on the required setting, a magnetic valve is opened or closed to provide the optimum mixture for all temperatures. The manual fuel pump supplies the carburettor with fresh fuel for the starting procedure and the decompression valve allows soft starting of the engine. A compensator ensures constant engine performance - even with a dirty and soiled air filter.

Stop? Pushing a button is all that is needed. The OnePush-Stop-System stops the engine and immediately prepares the engine again for renewed operation without further adjustments.

An air filter that almost cleans itself

The effective multi-stage air filter system with patented twin-pipe-interceptor constantly blows the dust away from the machine. The design of a preseparation airbox with two suction pipes creates air pulsation that blows out air on the suction pipes. For that reason only pre-filtered air will reach the paper segments of the main filter. This makes SOLO cut-off machines more resistant to dust when used on building sites. By turning an external rocker wheel, vibrations shake remaining impurities from the air filter.

Ergonomic advantages

Right from the beginning of this development, we aimed for optimum weight distribution. This has been achieved with a compact design and optimum handle symmetry that has not been seen previously in this performance range. The utilization of weight decreasing but very robust materials contribute to the ergonomic advantages. An example is the cutting wheel protection cover made from magnesium.
The anti-vibration system with five steel springs and the rubber covered handles contribute to fatigue free operation. A protection plate reduces spark spray against the operator and the machine when cutting steel. The robust cutting arm can be easily turned for the inside/outside cut.

Long operational service life – Designed for tough every day work

To drive the cutting wheel, we use a low wear V-ribbed belt. A semi-automatic system assists to re-tighten the belt. The special starter rope lasts 10 times longer than standard ropes. The SOLO high performance power plant is equipped with a Nikasil®-coated cylinder and 2-ring Mahle®-piston for maximum service life expectancy.

Model   881-14
Engine capacity cm3   81
Power kW (PS)   4,0 (5,4)
Max. permissible speed 1/min   9500 ± 200
Fuel tank capacity l   0,9
Oil tank capacity l (only iLube-models 881)   0,32
Electronically controlled separate lubrication   œ
Weight without tank content, without cutting wheel kg   10,5
Cutting wheel diameter "/mm   14 / 350
Cutting depth, max. mm   125
max. spindle rpm 1/min   4450
Primer   œ
Decompression valve   œ
Air filter   Paper
Ignition   Electronic digital ignition with index
NZ $2,498.75
excl GST

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