Colour Card


Approximately 2.5m2 per kg per coat, depending on suction, surface texture and method of application.
Approximately 25-30m² per 10kg bag


Selected colours come in 10kg premixed bags.

16 Designer colours available in 300g colour packs - to be mixed with 1 x 10kg Cemcote white base.

Permacolour Cemcote is a specially designed cement based coating, supplied in powder form, requiring the addition of water on site, to produce a smooth flowing coating which sets rock-hard and is unaffected by ultraviolet light.

Permacolour Cemcote is designed to provide a tough, economical coating for direct application onto new or existing horizontal concrete masonry surfaces, which will enhance drab or worn out surfaces efficiently. Excellent for recolouring concrete surfaces that have been damaged by rain or have not turned out as expected. Commonly used on floor surfaces including basements and garage floors, footpaths, patios, pavers and driveways. Please note: Badly damaged concrete will need to be repaired before coating otherwise the rough damaged texture will mirror through the applied coating.

Apply two coats of Permacolour Cemcote using a soft broom or brush, to a hard clean surface that has been primed with Permacolour Activator, all in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

Surface Preparation
All surfaces must be clean, hard and free from all loosely adhering particles and contaminants such as dirt, and oil. New smooth surfaces must be acid etched.
!!Any existing paints or coatings must be completely removed from the surface to be treated!!

Do not apply to exteriors if rain is expected or if there is a risk of frost. Apply only between 7 and 25 degrees Celsius surface temperature.
Plan the application so that the product can be applied from one surface area feature to another whilst maintaining a wet edge, to avoid any unsightly dry joints.

All surfaces to be clean and dry at the time of sealing. For best results, sealing should be done after midday.

External Surfaces: 2 coats Permacolour Concrete Sealer, to protect against efflorescence, wear and weathering. The second coat of sealer can be applied a minimum one hour after the first coat is touch dry, best results achieved after 24hours. Application by solvent/mohair roller or soft broom.

Internal Floors: Apply 2 coats sealer selected from the internal Permacolour sealer range. Sealer choice is dependent on the desired finish and location of the floor.


Some of the Tools Required