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3-4m² per kg per coat, depending on suction, surface texture and type of application.


10kg Cempaint White Base

16 Designer Colours in 300g liquid colour packs

Permacolour Cempaint is a specially designed cement based coating, supplied in powder form, requiring the addition of water on site, to produce a smooth flowing coating which sets rock-hard and is unaffected by ultraviolet light. Designed to provide a tough, economical coating for direct application on to new or existing concrete masonry surfaces, off shutter concrete and previously painted surfaces and which will enhance drab or worn surfaces efficiently.

Surface Preparation
All surfaces must be clean, hard and free from all loosely adhering particles and contaminants such as dirt, oil.

Do not apply to exteriors if rain is expected or if there is a risk of frost. Apply only between 7 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius surface temperature.

Apply from one architectural feature to another whilst maintaining a wet edge, to avoid any unsightly dry joints.

  • Apply a primer coat comprising 1 part Permacolour Activator diluted with 2 parts water and allow to dry.
  • Using a large paint brush (not a limewash bush or roller) apply the mixed material in even vertical strokes, whilst maintaining a wet edge.
  • Apply a second coat when the first coat is dry and hard or any time thereafter.

All surfaces to be clean and dry at the time of sealing.
External Walls: Permacolour Repel SS, applied with a roller in one saturating coat.
Internal Walls: 2 Coats Permacolour Stone Sheen, applied by roller.


Permacolour Cempaint Colour Range

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