Chemical Stain











Transform an ordinary concrete slab into a luxurious floor with Permacolour Chemical Stain. This product is a blend of acids, metallic particles and special additives. When applied to any concrete surface the formula will penetrate the surface and chemically combine with elements in the concrete to form oxides and create a marble or glazed stone similar finish.

The result is an aesthetic, mottled appearance, dark in places, light in others, with subtle shades of each, which cannot peel or flake. The shade of colour obtained will be distinctly different when the stain is applied to old or new concrete. The initial colour of the concrete before the stain can also affect the finished appearance. Application of additional stain to lighter areas will not necessarily change the disparity of shading. For best results apply the Chemical Stain to Permacolour white base Micro Topping, this will create a more vibrant colour.

Typical Areas of use
Permacolour Chemical Stain is designed to be applied only to clean non-contaminated masonry surfaces
• Retail Floors
• Car Showrooms
• Restaurants & Bars
• Commercial offices
• Residential Floors
• Patios and Walkways

• Many colour combinations can be created
• Vibrant or soft coloured surfaces can be achieved
• Aesthetic enhancement
• Good turnaround

Specifying Recommendations
Apply Permacolour Chemical Stain to cement surfaces by brush, sponge or spray method. After a minimum of four hours remove all residue by flushing thoroughly with water. Use Permacolour Neutraliser in the final rinse. Allow to dry and seal, all in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.



Available in 2lt, 5lt & 20lt containers.


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