Decorative Overlay is an affordable, heavy-duty alternative to other decorative finishes and produces an extremely durable and flexible surface with high tensile strength

Here we give you a rundown on Decorative Overlay.

#1   Ideal solution for renovations

Permacolour’s Decorative Overlay is the ideal product for resurfacing old concrete surfaces.

The beauty of this product lies in the endless possibilities in terms of patterns, colours and finishes. The decorative overlay is normally applied 2-3mm thick but can be built up in several layers.

#2   It’s a specialised application

Permacolour’s  Decorative Overlay is not suitable for DIY applications and we strongly advise the appointment of a skilled and trained applicator.

#3   Is suitable for use both internally and externally

Permacolour’s Decorative Overlay can bring to life boring or old surfaces such as drives, patios, paths and walkways. It is also suitable for resurfacing old concrete surfaces, rather than removing the concrete and replacing it, saving time and money. It is also suitable for internal floors.

Permacolour Overlay

#4   Can be used in bathrooms

Decorative Overlay is ideal for use on all interior floors and other surfaces. It can also be used in showers, bath surrounds (provided waterproofing systems are installed first) as well as bench tops. Contrasting colours can be used in different areas or one colour used throughout to create a seamless look.

#5   The possibilities are endless

It has never been easier to create something unique. Concrete need not be boring. Decorative Overlay can be finished in a tile, slate, timber and knock down effect. It can also be used in conjunction with stencils to create a really special finish. The overlay can also be spray applied, giving an attractive, textured finish which is fantastic for outdoor areas where a bit of grit is required. Permacolour’s colour wash can also be applied on top of dried Decorative Overlay and the excess squeegeed off. This process adds an additional variation of colour and interest.

dairy shed before
BEFORE: An old dairy shed in Whiteman’s Valley (Upper Hutt) before being converted into living quarters.
dairy shed after
AFTER: Floor: Permacolours’ Overlay ‘Bluegum’ with black colour wash, sealed with Permacolours’ water based ureglaze. Benchtops: Permacolours’ overlay and colour wash to resemble timber planks.










#6   It’s extremely durable!

Decorative Overlay can be double the strength of normal concrete and superior to most other concrete coating products when applied correctly. It is also highly resistant to salt, chemicals, UV, freeze delamination, hydrostatic pressure, stains and mildew depending on the chosen finish seal coat desired.

#7   It can be applied to stairs

Decorative Overlay can be applied to both concrete surfaces as well as to fibre cement board and is suitable for application to stairs.

overlay steps before
BEFORE: All existing coatings must be completely removed prior to application. By: Top Class Concrete Treatments, Hamilton
overlay steps after
AFTER: Decorative Overlay (Colours Misty Grey & Bone) By: Top Class Concrete Treatments, Hamilton












#8   Substrate conditions are important

The success of Decorative Overlay is determined by the quality of the substrate to which it is applied. Since it is not a flexible material, any movement in the substrate below will transfer through to the top surface.

#9   Easy maintenance

Once applied,  the Decorative Overlay needs to be sealed to protect against stains, water and dirt.  Permacolour offers an array of sealers suited to different requirements and finished looks. Maintenance is important to increase the longevity and appearance of the floor. On internal surfaces, Permacolour’s Vision H-Gloss Polish is an easy to use floor maintenance polish. This is applied to the cleaned area and applied with the use of a flat head, microfibre mop. This process can be repeated every few months and will aid in protecting the sealer and keeping the floor looking great! For external surfaces, regular cleaning with a pH neutral cleaner is recommended. The use of a high-pressure washer is not recommended for regular use, and if it is used, it should not be held close to the surface. Regular removal of algae and moss will prevent a heavy build-up and a difficult clean later down the line.

Anatolias cafe
Decorative overlay application (colour Ironside) at Anatolia Café, Tauranga. Sealed with Ureglaze water base semi-gloss.
Anatolias cafe
Decorative overlay application (colour Ironside) at Anatolia Café, Tauranga. Sealed with Ureglaze water base semi-gloss.










#10  It is available in 29 colours

Decorative Overlay is available in a range of 29 colours. We supply 15 of these colours in standard pre-coloured bags. For all other colours, a White Base Overlay is used in conjunction with a 600g liquid colour pack per bag. The finished look is mottled in appearance and not uniform. For final colour selection, we recommend a sample be applied for approval. Colours shown on our colour cards (both printed and digital) are to be used as a guide only as there are several factors affecting the appearance of the finished colour.

Some other examples of recent work done with Permacolours Decorative Overlay.

External Walkway



Outdoor Patio

Overlay tile
After: Decorative Overlay in a tile effect (Colours Granite Grey, Misty Grey & Charcoal) with Colour Wash, By: Absolute Resurfacing, Auckland


External Pedestrian Area.

Sprayed Overlay
Mt Pleasant Community Centre. Decorative Overlay Sprayed Dark Areas – Colour Charcoal with SilverSand Fleck Light Areas – Silversand with Charcoal Fleck Architect: Kamo Marsh Architects By: Flash Concrete, Christchurch











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