KS500 Densifier


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This concrete sealer is a high-tech, clear, water-based sealer. The penetrating, inorganic, modified potassium silicate material “fuses” to concrete and appreciably reduces damage to concrete. The unique formula in Permacolour KS500 reacts with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete to form a calcium silicate hydrate gel. This gel is insoluble in water and hardens to densify the concrete, decreasing the moisture permeability and porosity. With the fusion, the substrate actually becomes more resistant to acid and other chemicals. Use in conjunction with Permacolour Repel SS to create the ultimate protection.

• New construction as cure then seal
• Existing concrete as Densifier for Ground & polished concrete
• Below grade pre-cast
• Tilt– up from
• Bridge Decks
• Driveways
• Walkways
• Basements
• Concrete Pavers
• Split face masonry products
• Mortar pool decking
• Marcite
• Gunite
• Stucco
• Bridges
• Tunnels
• Foundations
• Parking garages
• Warehouse Floors
• Decorative Coloured Concrete applications
• Historical Preservation Surface


• Ease of application
• Low odour
• Protect concrete surfaces from water, oil, gas, grease, salts, animal waste and chemicals
• Can be applied to freshly poured concrete as a cure and seal
• VOC free

Product Information Coverage: 5-10m²/Litre/coat
Recommended Coats: 1-3
Application Temperature: Above 5°C
Application Method: Broom, Roller, Brush or Spray
Thinning: Do Not Thin
Dry Time:  3 - 5 hours per application
Cure time: Can be trafficked on immediately by light and heavy traffic of any type.
Recoat time: Wet on wet or anytime after it is dry.
Finish:  Invisible/flat
Internal/External: Internal or External use
Packaging: 2L, 5L, 20L, 200L