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Permacolour Repel SS is a low viscosity silane-siloxane system. It penetrates deeply into porous substrates, producing a bonded hydrophobic lining to the pores and an increase/improvement to the density of concrete. This treatment significantly reduces the absorption of water, animal excrement, water borne salts, oil, gas, grease, concrete dusting and other fluids.

Advantages of using Permacolour Repel SS

  • Protect against water and oil-based staining.
  • Decreases penetration and the staining effects of cow waste.
  • Reduces Efflorescence.
  • Reduces water and chloride intrusion and the growth of moss.
  • Deeper penetration than water base types.
  • Allows concrete to breathe

Suitable Surfaces

  • Dairy Sheds
  • Brick and Hinuera stone veneers
  • Waterproofing external block walls above ground level.
  • Any Concrete surface where reduction of water absorption/penetration is required.
  • New construction, existing concrete, foundations, pre-cast, tilt-up, bridge decks, tunnels, driveways, basements, concrete pavers, masonry products, polished and ground concrete.
  • Concrete bench tops, and coloured concrete.
  • Concrete Statues

Product Information

Generic Type: Silane Siloxane

Coverage: 4-5m²/Litre/coat

Recommended Coats: Minimum 2 coats

Application Temperature: 10 - 28°C

Application Method: Broom, Roller or Spray

Thinning: Do Not Thin

Dry Time: 1-2 Hours per application

Cure time: 6 Hours

Recoat time: Minimum 2 hours

Finish: Invisible/Natural

Packaging: 2ltr,5ltr,20ltr,200ltr