Micro Topping


The dry, cured surface can be sealed using Permacolour’s range of interior sealers. Choice of sealer is dependent on the finish desired. Apply sealer as specified.


15 - 20m² per 10kg bag at 0.5mm thick.
Coverage depends largely on the experience of the contractor to trowel thin and evenly as well as the surface texture of the substrate.


10kg White base

300g Colour Poddle




Colour Card





Permacolour Micro Topping is an extremely fine, coloured cement based floor covering which is versatile, trowelable and produces a smooth, slightly mottled, decorative, thin set finish for interior use only.

Permacolour Micro Topping is designed to provide a durable, attractive, smooth and economical floor covering for new and existing residential and light commercial surfaces. It is versatile, easy to apply and requires minimal maintenance. Excellent for skimming floors prior to Chemical Staining. (refer to Chemical Stain data sheet).

Apply Permacolour Micro Topping in an approved colour to cement surfaces, by trowel all in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

This product is best applied at temperatures between 5 and 30 degrees. Do not apply under windy conditions or onto hot surfaces as this will expose the product to rapid moisture loss.

Suitable Surfaces
• For internal use only.
• As a thin set coloured overlay for good, clean concrete, masonry and fibrous cement surfaces.

Ensure that all cracks are properly repaired before application. Placement over moving joints or cracks can result in cracking and delamination. All surfaces should be firm, clean and free from loose adhering particles, previous coatings such as paint, sealers, curing agents, wax and carpet adhesive, which affect bond and final finish.
Any existing coatings must be completely removed from the surface to be coated. For new surfaces, acid wash with a solution of 1 vol. hydrochloric acid and 15 vol. water, or grind as required to produce a clean, flat surface.

In extreme warm conditions and on porous surfaces, dampen the surface down to prevent rapid moisture loss through evaporation and suction.
Prime the surfaces with a solution of 1 part Permacolour Activator and 2 parts water, by spray, squeegee or broom, ensuring that no excess Activator primer is left on the surface. Two coats of the primer may be required depending on the suction of the substrate.
Allow the primer to dry, then trowel down the mix quickly and evenly across the surface, removing all trowel marks. For best results apply a second coat of Micro-Topping when the first coat is dry. The completed floor should be left overnight to dry and lightly sanded on the day following application using 150 grit paper. Protect finished areas until sealed.