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Skateparks in New Zealand have come a long way in terms of design and cosmetic appeal. Permacolour’s Colourmix has been extensively used in skatepark designs across the country, for new projects, extensions and revamps. Brilliant design by local designers and architects has been instrumental in the creation of truly stunning skateparks where functionality meets design and aesthetics

William Nelson Reserve Skatepark, Hastings

The skatepark design is centered on its connection to Hastings.

Designer’s Mission Statement

Connection to Hastings:

The earthquake of 1931 that had a major impact on the region. Implemented irregular forms of terraces and obstacles.

Expression of Architectural Style that became prevalent in Hastings after the great earthquake namely Art Deco and Spanish Mission. Implemented expression in skatepark design through rail details, concrete patterns, and obstacle features.

Fruit Bowl of New Zealand. Implemented ‘Fruit Bowl’ obstacle that is accessible from the low and mid platform and can be incorporated into a number of lines through park layout. Also acts as a central point for park design. Using red concrete also pays homage to the red wine industry that has become of national significance in New Zealand.

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William Nelson Reserve Skatepark, Hastings

Design by: Collaboration Rich Landscapes and Premium Skate Park Designs

Build by: Angus McMillan Concrete

Colours used: Permacolour’s Colourmix Terracotta, Chrome Green Oxide and Black oxide (at varying doses)





Kaimai School Skatepark

The Kaimai School wheeled play environment consists of a number of play features including a mini ramp, bowled corner, roll-ins and drop-in bank steered towards primary school students. The facility was designed in consultation with the users at the school and provides an open space where temporary elements such as grind boxes, wedges and rails can be set up and utilised as required.   It is envisioned that these temporary elements could be developed within the curriculum of the school providing another learning opportunity for students.


Kaimai School Skate Park

Design By: Rich Landscapes

Build By: Acid NZ

Concrete by: Supacrete, Tauranga

Colours used: Permacolour’s Colourmix - Martini and Jet Black (dosed at 4kg/m³)


Thames Skatepark

This design was developed from a community consultation process involving local users in the area. The design looked to provide a variety of elements for all users, connecting with its locality while fitting within a dedicated budget.   Features include a 1.5m High Miniramp that steps down to a 1.2m High Miniramp with flyout and rising quarter section. A low pyramid with ledge, kinked flat round rail and sculptural 'Nugget' Manual Box are strategically located through the street section area with a wide turnaround 0.95m High Quarterpipe at the far end. Provision has also been made for a pump track styled path to the side that connects with the facility.


Thames Skate Park

Designed by: Rich Landscapes

Build by: DLM Construction

Concrete  by: Firth , Thames

Colours used:  Permacolour’s Colourmix—Gold Coast and Jet Black (dosed at 4kg per m³)



Mangakino Skate Park

The Mangakino skatepark, envisioned by local youth and supported by the Taupo District Council has been a great success story for this township. The facility has looked to connect with its location through the use of timber textured walls, seating and feature rocks all part of the beautiful surrounding landscape.   This skate facility integrates harmoniously with an existing public square and consists of a range of mini ramps and innovative ramp features including the 'shark tooth'. This mini ramp facility is part of a comprehensive environment to be developed further in the near future.



Mangakino Skate Park

Design by: Rich Landscapes

Build by: Angus McMillan Concrete

Colours used: Permacolour’s Colourmix—Chocolate, Lithium and Jet Black (dosed at 5kg and 20kg per m³)


Oakura Skate Park

The new and improved Oakura Skatepark has recently been completed and was opened for use on the 24th of June. The park has been designed and built by Premium Skate Parks. The existing skate park was not big enough and needed to be upgraded, but it has remained for younger children to use. The new skate park includes a deep bowl, and pump track which goes down to the old park.


Oakura Skate Park

Design & Build by: Premium Skate Park Designs

Concrete by: Firth, Fitzroy

Colours used: Permacolour’s Colourmix Straw


Ruakaka Skate Park

The Ruakaka Skatepark Design was a  Community-led project that saw the development of a skate facility, pump track and roller derby area.   RICH      Landscapes revised the existing skatepark design to include a long mini ramp to a banked trench, quarterpipes, ledges and banks that connect with the adjacent pump track and roller derby concrete slab.



Ruakaka Skate Park

Design by: Rich Landscapes

Build by: Kauri Coast Concrete and Complete Concrete

Concrete by: Atlas Concrete, Ruakaka

Colours used: Permacolour’s Black oxide (dosing  ranged from 2kgs per m3 to 7kgs per m3)




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