Release Agents

Permacolour Release Agents are recommended for use with Permacolour Colour Hardener, or Permacolour Integral Colour and Permacolour Texture Mats. This dual action product acts, firstly, as a bond breaker between the texture mat and freshly imprinted concrete. Its second function is to produce a unique contrasting surface known as 'concrete antiquing'.

There are two types of release agent available, powder and liquid with the liquid being the most preferred one to use by most contractors due to how clean and easy of use.

Permacolour Liquid Release

Permacolour Liquid Release comes as a clear and coloured bond-breaker designed to decrease the friction between texture mats and the concrete. It is formulated and recommended for use with all Permacolour Texture Mats and with many other architectural concrete texturing systems. Permacolour Liquid Release forms a lubricating barrier that prolongs the life of the texturing tools. It should be used in the texturing process of both coloured and uncoloured concrete. It is also used as an alternative to powdered release agents that may not be desired in certain circumstances, such as interior projects.

Permacolour Liquid Release should be considered for use on cast-in-place or Stamp-able Overlay projects that are to be textured but coloured later with Permacolour Colour-wash or Permacolour Acid Stain after the concrete has cured. Permacolour Liquid Release is packaged in 20 Lt, 10 Lt and 5 Lt containers, with an application rate of 12 square metres per Lt. In addition, the concrete should be sealed with a Permacolour Sealer for protection.
Prevents Concrete Buildup
Prolongs Tool Life
Decreases Friction
Applied With A Sprayer

Permacolour Powdered and liquid Release Agent come in a range of 16 colours and is applied using a small brush or by hand broadcasting.

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