Stamped Concrete – Durable, unique and virtually maintenance free.

Permacolour Gilpin Plank
Narrow plank

Stamped Concrete (Also know as Imprinted or Patterned concrete) has been around for many years.

The process involves stamping freshly poured concrete with a patterned stamp mat. Stamped concrete is designed to resemble timber, rock, brick, slate, flagstone, cobblestone and other patterns. Using the natural/original materials to achieve these looks are costly and require more upkeep than patterned or stamped concrete, therefore making stamped concrete much more economical and still capable of achieving the desired look.

Stamped concrete is commonly used for patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and interior flooring. Stamped concrete driveways, paths and patios are durable, unique and virtually maintenance free. With a range of different designs and various colour options available, you can create a driveway that is truly original to you, leading to a very imaginative makeover to your home or business.

The possibilities are endless, with a  variety of different patterns and limitless colour options. Stamped concrete gives you the benefits of concrete as well as a unique and beautiful aesthetic.

The concrete can be coloured either integrally using Permacolour Colourmix, or the base colour can be applied using Colour Hardener which is floated into the top surface of the concrete. A release agent is then applied to the surface, as well as the mat (available in either powder or liquid form). The Release Agent is necessary to ensure the mats do not stick to the wet concrete. The release agent also provides secondary and tertiary colour to the surface, resulting in an effect of varying colours/shades, thereby imitating the natural look of materials such as wood, slate etc.

Permacolour has a range of traditional patterns available for hire as well as NEW EXCITING RANGE of modern prints—The Gilpin Plank,  Wood Plank and Pebblewood.

Gilpin Plank

Gilpin Plank

Pebble Wood


Narrow Plank



Intense Concreting in Napier did a fantastic job with their first  Timber print. Zion and his team placed the concrete and then used the Timber Imprint to stamp the concrete. No colour was used in the mix. Once the concrete had dried and cured, it was coloured using Permacolour Chemical Stain Ebony and sealed with Concrete Sealer.

We think they did a great job and Zion is very proud of this project!

BY: Intense Concreting, Napier


Intense concrete timber print
Intense concrete timber print


Ravin Singh of Fiji visited our offices in Auckland in early 2017. At the end of March 2017, he ordered some materials to get his first project started and we are really impressed with the result.

Ravin used Colour Hardener Granite grey and Charcoal Release Agent to create this stunning stamped concrete drive. Once cured, the drive was sealed with Concrete Sealer

By: Ravin Singh, Fiji (Suva)



Imprint Ravin
Imprint Ravin
Imprint Ravin

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