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Stone Sheen is a water-based hard wearing sealer for coloured concrete floors, concrete walls and bench tops. This product provides a durable, urethane finish that protects concrete floors from wear and simplifies maintenance. With excellent chemical resistance, Permacolour Stone Sheen is ideal for café, bar, retail, residential and supermarket situations. This product is fast drying, drying within 30-40 minutes in normal conditions and responds to high-speed buffing for that high gloss finish.
Suitable for both new and old concrete as well as, stone floors, coloured concrete, asphalt, tile, vinyl rubber and cork. This product is also suitable for stone floors, polished floors or coloured or plain concrete and ground or polished floors.

Product Information

Coverage: Approximately 20-30m² / litre / coat.

Recommended Coats: 4-6

Application Temperature: 10 - 28°C

Application Method: Sponge or microfibre mop

Thinning: None Required

Dry Time:  30 -40 minutes

Cure time: 24 - 48 hours, full cure at 7 days.

Recoat time: 30 -40 minutes

Finish:  Low sheen (use high-speed buffing machine for a high gloss finish)

Internal/External: Internal Only

Packaging: 2L, 5L