Training Workshops

Permacolour is offering a hands-on Decorative Concrete Workshop for all to attend this October!


Held in New Plymouth, 30th October - 31st October 2020

This workshop has hands on demonstrations covering all aspects of decorative concrete, creating many types of exciting finishes.

We target a range of sealers, techniques on preparing and sealing, trouble shooting where things have gone wrong and how to fix the imperfections.

From this workshop you will gain lots of knowledge and ideas that will give you more scope to offer your customers.

Bring your staff so they can improve their skills and knowledge too!


    Topic to be covered at this training:

- Sealing techniques                                - Decorative Overlay

- Sealer troubleshooting                         - Cemcote

- Paint Flake                                               - Water base staining

- Specialised tool demonstration         - Micro-Topping

- Concrete repairs                                    - Sealers

- Decorative finishes                               - Rock Salt


Plus many other product demonstrations!

Decorative Overlay

Permacolour Decorative Overlay is a two-part coating system designed for established concrete both internal and external areas.
Overlay is over twice the strength of normal concrete and still much stronger than most any other concrete coating products.
It is less than than the cost to replace existing concrete, but with many added benefits.

With unlimited colours, designs and textures, any look is achievable!

Concrete Imprinting

Concrete Imprinting accurately reproduces the detail, texture and feel of natural slate stone and brick. Permacolour have many different prints to choose from.
All designs are true creations of natural materials from coarse wire cut brick to random fieldstones and heavily textured stone.

Unlimited exciting colour combinations can be achieved to suit every project using either Oxide or Colour Hardener and a coloured release agent.


Metallic Epoxy

Permacolour Metallic Epoxy is a three component, high performance modified cycloaliphatic epoxy concrete floor coating system. Its epoxy chemistry provides excellent bonding characteristics. Typically applied to garage floors, showrooms and restaurants. This dynamic blend does not require activator to be sprayed on the surface to obtain a unique and highly decorative look. It is essentially odourless too!

The metallic pigment is available in 15 colours.



Permacolour Cemcote is a cement based coating, designed to provide a tough, economical coating for direct application onto new or existing concrete surfaces both internally and externally.
This coating sets rock-hard and will enhance drab or worn out surfaces efficiently.

With the required addition of water on site, the powder will turn into a smooth flowing coating which is unaffected by ultra violet light.

Excellent for recolouring concrete surfaces that have been damaged by rain or have not turned out as expected. Commonly used on floor surfaces including basement and garage floors, footpaths, patios, pavers and driveways.

Micro Topping

Permacolour Micro Topping is an extremely fine, coloured cement based floor covering which is trowel– able and produces a smooth, slightly mottled, decorative, thin set finish.
This product is designed for internal concrete floors only. It is versatile, easy to apply and requires minimal maintenance.

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