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Permacolour Ureglaze WB is a low odour, 2 component waterborne high solids urethane. As a clear coating, it comes as a semi gloss and gloss finish that is hard wearing, extremely durable and is UV stable with excellent resistance to heat & chemicals.. Typical areas of application are residential floors, garages, bench tops, external walls and rest room floors.

  • Ideal for cafés, bars, retail & residential environments where odour needs to be kept to a minimum
  • Ground/polished concrete surfaces
  • New & old internal coloured concrete floors & kitchen benchtops
  • External walls also acts as an Anti-Graffiti coating
  • Sealing Permacolour Micro Topping & Decorative Overlay
  • Not suitable for external flat surfaces.

Product Info

Generic Type: Waterborne Urethane Reactive Acrylic
Volumetric Ratio: 4 parts Base 1 part Hardener (by volume)
Coverage: 10m² per litre per coat @ 35 microns DFT
Recommended Coats: 2
Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 35 Microns per coat
Pot life: 2-3 hours @ 18ºC.
Induction Time: 10-15 minutes
Application Temperature: 10 - 28°C
Application Method: Brush, Foam or microfibre roller
Thinning: Water up to 10%
Dry Time: 2-3 Hours @ 18°C
Cure time: 12 Hours @ 18°C
Recoat time: Brush/Roller: 3 hours (minimum) @ 18ºC / 7 Days Maximum Drying time is affected at temperature and high humidity.
Finish: Gloss & Semi Gloss
Packaging: 1 Litre Kit & 4 Litre Kit