Water Based Urethane


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MSDS Waterbased Urethane Part A


MSDS Waterbased Urethane Part B


A universal use, clear, low VOC, UV stable, water based aliphatic polyurethane floor and wall coating with exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance enhanced with advanced Abrasion Recovery Technology (ART). Abrasion Recovery Technology (ART), is a prominent feature of Permacolour Water Based Urethane. ART modified protective coatings mend and repair fine abrasion, recovering up to 75% of damage in as little as 12 hours at room temperature (23˚C).


  • High performance aesthetic UV Stable finish.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance further enhanced with Abrasion Recovery Technology (ART).
  • Re-coatable in as little as 4 hours.
  • Low maintenance finish suitable for demanding high volume commercial traffic conditions.
  • Self priming on suitably prepared substrates.
  • Orange peel free finish when applied at lower coverage rate side of recommended film thickness
  • Exceptional chemical resistance across a broad spectrum of common industrial and domestic substances.
  • Environmentally advanced formulation free of NMP and low in VOC’s.
  • Substantially easier to use than other competing water based polyurethane coatings.


  • Failure to follow recommended application technique may result in lap lines and orange peel finish.
  • Poorly prepared substrates will be susceptible to coating failure.
  • Mild odour may be unpleasant to some installers.
  • Does not completely prevent discolouring and fade of non UV stable coatings and substrates (timber) that are overcoated.
  • Not suitable as a primer over concrete with moisture content >2.5% and alkalinity readings >8.5 pH at the surface.
  • Do not apply to timber with moisture content >10%.
  • Do not thin! Permacolour Water Based Urethane is a ready to use formulation.
  • Puddling or over applying Permacolour Water Based Urethane can create CO 2 bubbles as well as poor adhesion and less than desirable surface properties.

Material Properties

Solids by Volume: 35-41% (+/-3%)

Solids by Weight: 37-43% (+/-3%)

Mix Ratio: 4-1 Part A to 1 Part B (By Volume)

Pot Life:(@ 25˚C/60% RH) 2 hours (5 litre mix)

Dry to Touch Time: (@ 25˚C/60% RH) minutes

Recoating Time: (@ 25˚C/60% RH) 4-12 hours

Open to Light Foot Traffic: (@ 25˚C/60% RH) 6-8 hours

Open to Heavy Traffic: (@ 25˚C/60% RH) 48-72 hours

Full Cure: (@ 25˚C/60% RH) 7 days

Shelf Life: 12 months in unopened container

Coverage: Can be applied from 5 m² per litre up to 10 m² per litre (100 um to 200 um wet film thickness).