Water Based Urethane


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Rhino ArmaFloor WB Urethane 4:1 is a 2-component waterborne polyurethane solution that produces a highly durable and clear coating (in both Matt and Gloss) for both indoor and outdoor applications. Rhino ArmaFloor WB Urethane 4:1 has excellent resistance to chemicals and stains and contains a UV stabiliser to improve protection against UV light. It is ideally suited for overcoating/finishing clear and pigmented floor coatings on a wide range of substrates, such as prepared concrete, masonry, pavers and slate sealing. Wood and some composites can also be coated with this product.

• Simple 2-pack mixing system at 4:1 ratio
• Ideally suited for protection of concrete and masonry, slate sealing and coatings for pavers
• Excellent chemical and stain resistance
• Excellent wear resistance
• Excellent scratch resistance
• Easy application
• Easy clean surface
• Produces a hard, yet clear film in both Gloss and Matt
• Added UV absorber improved protection against UV light (non-yellowing)
• Excellent resistance to weathering
• Has a low odour and wash up in water immediately after use

• Rhino ArmaFloor WB Urethane 4:1 can be used indoors and outdoors for the protection of concrete, including driveways and patios, masonry, sealing slate products and pavers, interior floors where a tough, stain resistant coating is desired. It can also be used to seal exposed aggregate surfaces to provide a wet look surface in both Gloss and Matt finishes
• Do not apply to concrete with curing or sealing membranes
• Do not apply to substrates affected by moisture content in excess of 5%
• Do not apply to concrete less than 28 days old
• Do not apply to base concrete having a temperature less than 10ºC or more than 35ºC
• Do not apply to concrete with a compressive strength of <25MPa
• Avoid applying in conditions that could cause condensation to form on the uncured coating; this includes high humidity (>85% RH) and being within 3°C of the dew point
• Should not be used where the surface temperature exceeds 60ºC

Appearance:  Clear, colourless, liquid
Gloss Level:  Gloss, matt (separate RESIN or A-sides, one Hardener or B-side)
Odour Level:  Low
Solids Content (mixed):  44%
Pot Life:  3 hours
Touch Dry:   40 to 60mins
Full Cure:   5 to 7 days
Specific Gravity:  1.07
Recoat Window (before profiling required):  6 hours